Inventing WoRich

Buffalo abounds in neighborhoods.  The University at Buffalo maintains a list of them, but neighborhoods are living entities.  Keeping track of them and their subsets is a challenge.

Over the past few years, a subset of Buffalo’s West Side neighborhood has been coalescing.  It’s the area bounded on the east by Richmond Ave, on the north by Lafayette Ave, on the south by Porter Ave, and on the west by a rough zig-zag of Grant St, Hampshire  St, and Normal Ave.

I figured it needed a name to help establish an identity.  Thinking of SoHo (South of Houston) in New York City, I came up with WoRich for West of Richmond.

This section had some glory years various decades back, but fell on hard times and the housing and business stock reflected the pain.   Now things are turning around.  People are spiffing up houses that they live in and multiple unit rental residences.  Many businesses are doing better and looking better and new ones are taking over and thriving in previously abandoned spaces.

It’s tempting to attribute the vitality of the area to spillover from the vibrant Elmwood Village that lies on the east side of Richmond Ave and indeed the residents of WoRich find a stroll over to and it’s array of shops and services very convenient.  But WoRich is not a reflection of Elmwood Village.  It has its own developing identity.

This blog has the simple goal of presenting photos of the residences and businesses in the WoRich area.  All photos are snapped from the street.  I hope eventually to have representative images from every street in WoRich as described above.

Drop back now and then and watch WoRich grow.


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